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451 Criminal Misc 37461/2011
452 Md. Amir Hossain Vs. The State
453 Sahajahan and others Vs. The State
454 Oli Ahmed Vs. The State
455 Md. Saiful Islam alias Maznu Vs. The State
456 Noab Mia and another Vs. The State
457 Taju Mia and others Vs. The State and another
458 Abdus Sattar Khan and others Vs. The State
459 Mohibul Alam Vs. The State
460 Parvaj Vs. The State
461 Md. Mostafa Vs. Bedena Khatun and another
462 Sirajuddin Sarkar Vs. Md. Fazlul Haque and others
463 Shyzuddin and others Vs. Md. Babul Gorapi and another
464 Kala Chand Fakir Vs. The State
465 Foyzar Ali Fakir alias Foyzar Fakir Vs. The State
466 M. A. Gani Vs. The State and another
467 Dilip Bhadra Vs. The State and others
468 Md. Entaju Uddin Akanda Vs. Md. Younus Ali Pramanik and another
469 Jahangir Vs. Md. Kafiluddin Choudhury and another
470 Md. Abdul Kader Vs. The State and another
471 Md. Forhad Hossain and another Vs. Md. Tofazzal Hossain Faruque and another
472 Major Md. Rafiqul Islam Vs. Ekhlasuddin since deceased substituted by his legal heiress/heirs Delwara Begum and others
473 Tuntu Das alias Tuntu and another Vs. The State
474 Nurul Islam and others Vs. Arif Ullah and others
475 Md. Shahar Ali and others Vs. Sree Sailesh Chandra Sen and others
476 Faruk Ahmed Siddiqui Vs. The State
477 Abdul Quyum alias Abdul Quyum Akhanjee Vs. People`s Republic of Bangladesh represented by the Deputy Commissioner, Sunamganj
478 Abdus Salam Laskar Vs. Bangladesh and others
479 Samiruzzaman Chowdhury Vs. The State
480 Md. Alamgir Bhuiyan Vs. The State
481 Abdul Khaleque Miah alias Khan Abdul Khaleque since deceased substituted by his heirs Mst. Sufia Begum and others Vs. Sheikh Amin Uddin since deceased substituted by his heirs Sheikh Abdur Rashid and others
482 Abul Khayer Vs. The State
483 Matiur Rahman Fakir and others Vs. Sree Arun Kumar Sarker
484 Anesa Begum Vs. The State
485 Ikhtiar Rahman Vs. The State
486 First Appeal 460/2001
487 First Appeal 149/2000
488 First Appeal 230/2002
489 Nobendu Das alias Ronju Vs. The State
490 A. K. M. Waliullah and others Vs. Secretary, Ministry of Housing and Public Works and others
491 Kesmatullah Pk. and others Vs. The State and another
492 State -vs- Most. Aklima Hossain Lipi
493 Md. Tarique Aziz Vs. The State
494 Saiful Islam alias Japannya Vs. The State
495 Sree Binoy Krishna Saha and others Vs. Sree Reboti Mohon Saha being dead his legal heirs Sree Rathindra Mohan Saha and others
496 Sree Nitta Nando Dey being dead his heirs Rabindra Chandra Dey and others Vs. Nogendra Krishna Kundu and another
497 Lavlu Gazi Vs. The State and another
498 State vs. Nazma Sarker @ Beauty
499 Death Reference 157/2005
500 State Vs.Md. Saiful Huq
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